Having trouble finding what fits?

 A social media campaign must stay true to the organization’s fundamental goals. Every organization/ company has a mission statement, a purpose; an act of reason so finding a social justice message that fits can be very simple. Stay true to the organization’s image and do not try to over spread yourself to create an overall happiness. Starting small and focusing on one mission at a time will integrate smoother into your social media campaign rather than looking like a one size fits all company. Users like to see a dedicated, passionate, company, so if your organization starts small it can slowly generate that passion so one day the passion can blossom into related topics without over clustering the organization’s site and mission.


This is a local business location in Virginia Beach, VA called, The Green Cat, that has generated a very loyal social following due to their unique Instagram profile that depicts their social views. 

There will always be people who disagree with your social justice mission but the likelihood is that more people will only accept it. Environmental/ climate change topics are a very sensitive subject so creating a campaign that has subtle persuasion could help with backlash. Social justice views should never be forced upon one’s users or followers. Creating an environment that is open and friendly for discussion is key to letting users feel open and honest towards their feelings and their feelings towards the organization. If a user has trust over an organization, a deeper connection can be formed.

Display the message consistently with the brand. Companies all around are catching the buzz about actually caring for sustainability issues. Even some of the most environmentally destructive companies are putting their best foot forward to advertise their sustainability. “Walmart means ‘green’ business” with their green Pinterest board where they pin green/ sustainable products and services to reflect all their hard work of initiating green practices. It is all about finding the perfect fit for your organization. Create a niche in your market and run with it. Users love to see originality and a little twang that fits just perfectly with your organization.

When it comes time to start posting, pinning, and tagging, create a unique #hashtag for your organization’s social justice mission. Photos, videos, and memes can also add to the originality and the branding of a post. Remember to be subtle with your organization’s self promotion and keep the messages focused towards your social justice goal like eliminating waste, carbon footprints, or even much small tasks that are manageable to accomplish.

Read on to some tips to what environmental organizations should not forget about social media.



2 thoughts on “Having trouble finding what fits?

  1. I never knew that Walmart had been trying to become a more green company! It’s interesting to see that they have been using Pinterest to reach out and focus on sustainable products.


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