What’s this blog about?

The focus of this blog will be on the social media best practices of Environmental Organizations and Nonprofit Organizations and discovering how they communicate with their audiences through social media platforms. The research on this blog will also be covering various post topics such as:

With the growing interest in the world’s impact of the environment, hot topics and conversations are striking up all along the web. Environmental organizations are discovering new way to connect to their audiences. Within the past decade, social media platforms have created a new environment for conversations about the environment, uniting conversations and people globally.

Followers now feel empowered to share their ideas and beliefs on social media platforms like:

Environmental organizations have especially taken advantage of the benefits of social media just like many other nonprofits. These organizations have found a new way to show off their content on their news feeds and spice things up. Information content at the click of a button transformed the way organizations can connect to their followers.

With all the buzz about connecting and talking to your followers, organizations should never forget to, listen more, and talk less. Keep up with the social media conversation! Social medias are a two-way street for communication between the organization and its followers. It is very important that the organization is listening to the followers and what they want to see on their news feeds. Social Media Etiquette will help you connect to the audience and never break a professional business relationship with the organization and its followers. However, you want to keep the relationship personal. Automated responses build an untrustworthy experience for the follower. They want to feel a person-to-person connection with genuine responses from an organization.

The first tip to creating a successful social media marketing plan is to research what is working, and what is not working for other companies. Everyday you can watch the news and see what the last big screw up happened with a corporation or perhaps see what they did right. Now, let’s take a look at what environmental organizations are staying up to beat on the latest social media platforms; and how are they using social media to benefit both the constituents and the organization as a whole.



2 thoughts on “What’s this blog about?

  1. Adding links in your sticky post helped me greatly in being able to click on topics I was most interested in reading about.I think nonprofits are often overlooked when discussing social media, because most people notice the massive amounts of companies trying to sell them something rather than draw attention to important issues that impact a large amount of us.


    1. Thank you for commenting Julia. I agree that nonprofits are overlooked! It is completely refreshing to see a company selling a mission rather than a product and I am so happy you see that too.


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